Wednesday, December 17, 2008

more Harry Potter...

Now anyone who knows me knows how much I truly love the Harry Potter Series. It was my first love in the reading world and could never be outdone in my mind... not even by the amazing Twilight. Another thing that I love, are spoilers, mainly for my TV shows, but I love watching exclusives and special features on movies.

Today I ran across a handful of exclusives for the up coming Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. Which is my FAVORITE book in the series by far. Now these exclusives do not give any crucial information, there are small spoilers, but nothing huge.(ie. the new teacher they're hiring to fill the empty post at Hogwarts) Anywho, I am super excited now to see the movie and if anyone wants to go opening weekend with me, let me know and we'll make a date.

so... I guess this is a MINOR (like almost none) spoiler alert...

reminder... it comes out July 20, 2009! mark it on your calenders.

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