Wednesday, May 20, 2009


I'm sure most everyone has seen the promo's for Fox's new series 'Glee'. Last night, after American Idol was the premire. All I have to say about this is.... AMAZING!

This show is so funny, just in the first 10 minutes you'll be laughing. The acting is amazing and the music I can already tell is going to be spectacular. The rendition of classic songs like "Rehab" and "Don't Stop Believin'" literally kept me up all night with them stuck in my head. This show seems to be a series that have you singing yourself to sleep and dancing your way to work. I know that I did.

Unfortunately, the next episode of this show will not be for another FOUR months. So I am certainly going to be setting my DVR for it, Its going to be FANTABULOUS!

If you haven't seen it yet watch it here at

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