Sunday, March 28, 2010

new phone! and a trip to NJ to see my mom!!!

So last night, my blackberry offically went caput! The trackball fell out and I lost it. So as an early anniversary gift from David we went and bought me a new phone.

I've been wanting a new phone for a long time, mainly because my blackberry has been on its last leg for the past month and a half or so. SOOOO I bought the new MyTouch 3G from t-mobile....

its sooooo pretty!

like this one *points up* but mine is black with a pink cover.

And I found a really pretty background of new york for it, since I leave on THURSDAY for New Jersey to see my mom!!!!!

my next project is to get a new shell for it... since I end up dropping my phone so much, I want to get a hard case for it....and lucky for me my phone has a 'personalization' option for its shells. I'm going to design my own!!! I'm determined to make a geeky, nerdy one... like....


with this picture...

is that too pathetic???

On Thursday I fly out with my cousin to see my mom for FIVE days. I'm so excited.

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