Sunday, November 9, 2008

'I smell snow!'

I just spent the last three hours trying to make a layout that would look good on most computers. the layout i made that is currently on here fits my desktop and both of our laptops, but not Davids computer. so i hope it works though I'm not counting my chickens.

Anywho, David and I have been very busy this weekend. I spent time with my best friend, she's leaving next week to go meet her husband who is coming back from Iraq. So that was fun for me at least. And David has been working all weekend which sort of sucks, because I hate being by myself. But I can normally find things to do. Such as finally getting started on mom and dad's tree skirt (I'm such a slacker.) and cleaning my house. Now all we need to do is go put away the boxes of unused decor and then i can get a picture up of our christmas tree.

I'm so ready for christmas to be here, I think I'm beginning to bother my friends at work. On Halloween I dressed up as 'Santas Helper' and people refused to give me candy because it wasn't christmas. Plus i'm always listening to Christmas music. Currently my favorite christmas album is Josh Groban-Noel. He's pretty amazing when it comes to the vocal performance. I must say. Though if you'd like my personal list of must have christmas albums look down below. David and I compiled a list of our must have christmas items to get in the spirit. It's a pretty intense list. So be sure to check it out.

We did have fun at Gramps and Grandmas yesterday though. It was nice to visit with all the cousins and everyone. And after we went and bought a whole bunch of christmas stuff, (such as: wrapping paper, cups, candy bowls, ect.) and i am now determined to find a christmas penguin bathroom set. If ya'll know where i can find one let me know.

Okay enough procrastination I should go work on the tree skirt or at least go spend time with my husband.

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