Thursday, November 6, 2008


lets try this again.

i'm going to try doing this again.
though there is never really much going on in mine and Davids life...

But i will try this again.

an update.
David and I have been happily married for almost seven months now and are loving it, and eachother. I still have yet to master the art of cooking (i've burned rice-a-roni) but i'm still trying. Baking i'm great at, but cooking not so much. so if anyone has some fairly easy recipies or cookbooks let me know and i'll check it out.

David has a new job, sort of. He's now working on the installs team for RC Willey, so he's learning how to install huge theatre systems and hide the wires and all sorts of fun stuff like that. From what i can tell he loves it so heres hoping it stays this good.

This month is National Novel Writing Month {in case you didn't know}, or NaNoWriMo, and i'm trying to see if i can do it. The challenge is to write a 50,000 word novel in 31 days. I'm about 8,000 words behind but at least it has me writing. if anyone wants to read it as i write it let me know. I'd love some opinions.

For halloween David and I decided that we were going to skip two holidays... Halloween itself and Thanksgiving. On Halloween we dressed up our apartment as Christmas. We listened to Christmas music and put up our Christmas tree, and even handed out christmas candy. I'll take a picture(once i clean my house) and put it up so you all can see. But it was great fun.

can i just say that i love the radio stations that started playing christmas music on November 1st, at 12:00am. they made my day and are pretty much the only thing to get me through work. That and all my audio books.

i'm going to try and keep up on this, so heres hoping!

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