Wednesday, July 29, 2009


dang it!

This morning I was rummaging through David's desk trying to see if I put my car title in there, but we have yet to unpack all the files from his desk (yes after being here two months, we are STILL not unpacked). Not finding the files I moved on, hoping to find it in that safe place i know i put it so that it wouldn't get ruined and I'd remember where I put it, that i seemed to have forgotten.

Then at work, David calls sounding a little ascared.
husband: "Why were you looking in the bottom drawer of my desk?"
I explained that i was looking for the car title.
husband: "did you see anything?"
wife: "no? why was there something in there for me?"
husband: "Yes, but i'm moving it"
wife: *growling* "I should have payed more attention"

My birthday is in a few days, and although i really don't like to know what i'm getting for my birthday, now i'm intrigued. Though i won't go rummaging through the house trying to find it, now i'm going to be wondering what on earth he didn't want me to see.

Curse my curiosity!

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