Sunday, August 16, 2009

Anna's Big 2-1 Birthday celebration... day 1

Thats right... I'm old. Just kidding. But I'm beginning to feel like I'm old. Though I know that that is totally crazy, I'm not old. 21 is not old.

Anywho, so a few weeks ago my grandpa called me up saying that for my Birthday he was going to take me and David fishing. Now I LOVE fishing. It's so much fun to me. I especially love fishing with my Grandpa, its one of the best bonding things we do together. So David and I get up at O' Dark-thrity, to meet my grandpa at his house to go fishing. We're sitting on his couch in the living room and he informs me that my grandmother isn't going to come, a little sad but I understand (We were having a party with the family later that night) . So a litle bummed but I could handle it. I hear the screen door of their house open and expecting it to be my little cousins or my aunt and uncle I look up. Only to find the one person I never would have thought would come through that door.... My MOTHER!

(us at lunch after fishing)

I was so excited I jumped off the couch, making the picture my grandma was trying to take of my reaction just a blurr and nearly tackled my mom. She had flown down for the weekend of my birthday, I started crying. I couldn't help it. It wasn't like it'd been months since I'd seen her, but really now, anytime I see her I start crying, its completely involuntary. Needless to say it was a FANTASTIC surprise, and not at ALL unwelcome. Though, to be honest, nearly everyone in my family was in on the surprise, and they all kept it from me. I'm surprised that it worked. After calming down a bit, we packed up my mom's rental car and headed on our way to fishing. We drove the beautiful mountains until we reached Pass Lake, at which point a cloud decided to sit directly in the sun so that it was impossible to get warm, and me being flustered, forgot my long sleeved shirt in my car.

(grandpa and I using what ever we could find to keep warm)

Other than being FREEZING Pass Lake was beautiful, and we ended up catching 12 fish. David even caught the biggest one. Though I was so cold I just wrapped up in a towel... which doesn't really help all that much, But none the less it was a great morning.

(david and his big fish)

We stopped on our way home at Mirror Lake and had a picnic. Why is it that Ham and Cheese Sandwiches taste better when eaten out doors? I think everything tastes better when eaten outdoors.

(lunch though its missing my mom because she's behind the camera)

After getting home and resting for a little bit, we headed out for the second event of my birthday. A family party at my aunt and uncles house, now these are normally pretty loud and confusing. Everyone having conversations with everyone else, so originally I wasn't going to invite any friends, thinking that I'd break my friends in slowly to my family by first letting them meet David, then my mom and/or my grandparents and slowly work up. Well one of my friends from work, Julie, said that she would love to come. So she jumped over all my steps and took the express lane to my slightly overwhelming family.

(Jules and Me)

Well my family quickly found out that Jules and I... are very much alike. We end up quoting movies for no reason, humming songs that no one else knows, and laughing at things that no one else would understand. But I think thats a good thing.

(me blowing out the candles... yes it was posed)

Now I know a lot of people that love the Jim Shore Products.... but i've never been all that fond of them, they've always been a little too folk-artsy to me. That is until my mom gave me this for my birthday.I have ALWAYS been a Little Mermaid fan. And when I was young for my birthday cakes my mom would put disney figurines on them. Not the cheap plastic ones, but the nice and beautifully crafted porcelain ones. In honor of that, my mom bought me this Ariel figurine, since Ariel is the one who started it all. Now I'm OBSESSED with finishing the carousel set and then working on getting the love sets... All of his Disney and Rudolph sets are so pretty.

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Rieda said...

I am surprised we pulled it off too...I was sure someone was going to let it slip! I'm so glad they didn't.

LOVED Julie! Altho its a little scary to see a blonde version of you... two little peas in a pod.

You have made Christmas and birthday presents ever so much easier for people! Jim Shore... Disney Princesses - check, Rudolph - check. Collectible Barbies (not on the blong, but made clear at