Sunday, November 8, 2009

November 7th, 2004

That was the year David and I first got together. Thinking back on it, I sort of kind of threw myself at him. Of course at the time I had no idea that we would last this long let alone fallen in love and gotten married. When I was thinking about it, I had to force myself to remember how long it had been, the time seems to have just flown by. We went from being friends in choir who, to everyone but ourselves, it was fairly obvious liked eachother, to growing a part for a year while he was still in junior high and I had moved on to High School, to being friends again that flirted but they were just friends, then wondering why were just friends if we were always flirting, to being a couple, to being a couple in love, to being engaged, to being married, and now, we are husband and wife, who respect each other, who are working towards getting sealed for time and all eternity in the temple, and who know who we are as individuals and as a couple. Not using either one to define us completely.

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Cara and Gerriss said...

We are so glad that you "threw yourself" at David. You have been a great addition to the family! We are so proud of everything you to are doing in your lives and all that you are aspiring to become. We love you both!