Monday, November 23, 2009


A. Great Grandma Anna
an amazing and strong woman, with whom I'm glad to
have shared some of my life with and my name.
B. Blackberry
and how it enables me to talk to my friends and family.
C. Carmex
I would be in severe pain without this stuff. its amazing.
D. David
my wonderful and amazing husband, he is my rock and
my guiding light. he is what gets me through the day.
E. E-Pay online
not only is it green, but its so much more convienient
to get e-mails about what bills need to be paid.
F. Facebook
that allows me to connect with old friends keep in touch
with my family and play some horribly addictive games.
G. Geeks
being married to one i guess I'm a bit biased. But I love
getting together with friends and playing video games
with eachother.
H. Harry Potter
you may think its funny, but Harry Potter is what got me
into reading. I owe it all to those books.
I. Internet
J. Joss Whedon
the creator of Buffy, Angel, Firefly, Dr. Horrible's Sing Along
Blog, all amazing and incredibly addictive shows.
K. Kittens
my kittens are the best part about coming home. They always
greet me, purr and snuggle. Its hard to be upset about a bad
day at work, when you have a kitten purring on my lap.
L. Laptop
that allows me to watch my shows while making blog backgrounds,
chatting with friends on facebook, and writing.
M. Mom
My mom is the strongest person I know. She raised me to be my
own person, and to stand up for my thoughts. I wouldn't be the
person I am without her.
N.Noon to midnight Conversations with my Aunt and Cousins
Roxie and Shannon and I always end up talking for HOURS about
anything from Bones to Crafts.
O. Online Bookstores
Although you may have to wait a few days to get the book, the prices
can sometimes be SUPER cheaper.
P. Photos by Wendy G.
Wendy is the most talented photographer! All of our family photos
and wedding pictures turned out amazing!
Q. Quilts made by mom
The quilt made by my mom is my favorite in the world. It looks just
like me. Its bright and beautiful and amazing.
R. Rest
Having the fourday week gives me ample time to rest up and actually
get things accomplished during the weekend.
S. Scrapbooking Freebies
I'm addicted. Thats right I said it. DigiScrapDepot is my source for all things scrapbooking. And its all FREE!!!!
T. Terabyte harddrives
we now have 5.... and might need another one.
U. Uncles and Grandpa
all 3 of my uncles and my grandfather have been the best father figures I could have
asked for.
V. VLC Media Player
the best media player to use on your computer!
W. Work Friends
Danielle, Julie and Montana especially! I don't know what
I'd do without you girls!
X. X-Men
one of the BEST comics ever.
Y. Yesterday
so that I can look back, knowing that its passed and I got
through it.
Z. my ZUNE
I love my Zune! Its what wakes me up on my way to work and what puts me in a good mood on my way home.

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