Wednesday, December 23, 2009

New Years Resolution(s)

So for the year 2010, I have decided to forgo any resolution to lose weight. Mainly because it never works. I have however decided to make a few that weight loss may be a side effect.

2010 Resolution One:
ween myself off caffeinated and carbonated drinks, and start drinking more water.

I already know that I have a horrible addiction to Dr. Pepper and Pepsi. Something that is really hard to overcome. The bubbly goodness of soda just gets me through the day sometimes. So I'm not saying I'm going to quit cold turkey, but I am going to start getting myself unaddicted to it. Starting with caffeinated drinks then moving onto carbonated drinks.

I've always hated the taste of water. I don't know why (since water doesn't really have a taste) so I find it hard to drink eight glasses a day of it.

2010 Resolution Two:
start eating actual meals.

I love eating out as much as the next person, but I'm getting kind of tired of eating out all the time. I need to cook more. I think at work its the worse, I need to start bringing lunch that is a decent and filling lunch... not just a microwave dinner.

2010 Resolution Three:
read more books than I read this year.

Orginally I was planning on reading 50 books, but I may be setting my sights too high. So I've decided to just try and read more than I did this year. I think I read about 15 books this year so as long as I read more than that I'll be satisfied. The books have to be books I haven't read before (I have a habit of re-reading books/authors that I love), and I'm going to document them on this blog.

2010 Resolution Four:
when November comes try and actually participate and finish NaNoWriMo.

I keep saying I'm going to do it then never actually do... so heres hoping this year will be different.

I hope that 2010 bring good things and hope to all those who need it.

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