Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A year of helping to make a difference!

This year I am determined to help make a difference in the world.... Okay so I won't be doing much, but every little bit helps right????

Last year I really wish I would have known a little more about when and where all the "Walk for a Cure" s were. The Buddy walk, I really wanted to participate in on Justin's team with a whole handful of the rest of David's family. Unfortunately I missed it.

This year will be different. First I'm starting with the Lupus Walk for my best friend's sister, Melissa, on May 1st. I've watched Meghan be worried about Melissa so often I felt like I was going through it as well. So this year, I'm making sure to at (the very least) donate to the cause. I'm super pumped for it. Not only will doing all these help me try and stay in shape (*snort* emphasis on the word TRY!) but its for a really good cause.

I'm also going to do the Heart Walk, Breast Cancer Walk and any others that people bring to my attention.

SO! to all those who read this (the whole 3 of you...) let me know if there are any walks for good causes coming up. I'm more than willing to participate!!!

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Emily said...

Awww.... you're sweet! I'll let you know when the next Buddy Walk is!