Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Sorry about the neglect.

Its been a while since I updated. So here's the readers digest version of the past month or so.

My grandparents celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary this year. So the whole family was flying out to visit. This means I was able to see my Mom for a little while. I'm always much happier when she comes to visit. I miss her greatly. Unfortunately along with happiness came some sadness. A week before my grandparents anniversary, my (Great) Uncle Dave died. It was very sudden and very sad. A few days later my little (I probably shouldn't call her little considering she's 19.) cousin lost her baby. At this point I just sent out a holler to the universe to stop picking on my family. Little did I know that if they stopped picking on my family... they were going to start picking on me.

Okay I'm being over-dramatic. In the middle of the month of July David and I were informed that we needed to get rid of our cats because our landlord was allergic. I'm not sure many, if any, of you know that David and I got a kitten last July and a second one last November. These two kittens have been the primary reason that David and I don't fight nearly as often, we're happier, and consistently in better moods around each other. The kitties have been complete buffers in our relationship. So getting rid of them. Was out of the question. We immediately started looking for places to move. One of my new friends, Allison, suggested an apartment complex that she and her husband loved. Its called Somerset Village.

As of this past Saturday, that is where we live now. We rented a two bedroom apartment on the top floor and are already loving it. It was sad to move once again (this is our fourth place of living in two years of marriage) but most of all it was stressful. Moving always does bad things to me. It causes my ucler to flare up a lot. Normally I can handle it but I ended up going to the InstaCare a few days before we moved because I was in so much pain. While there I also found out that on top of my ulcer I had a stomach infection and a few other things (that would qualify as TMI) wrong. Of course telling my mom this her main response was "I fear for when you get pregnant honey. You're going to be one sad mama." Great.... something to look forward to in a few years. *eyeroll*

With all that being said this next month, I'm hoping, will be better. Now that we're moved and settled (for the most part) I have a few things to look forward to. My birthday is on Sunday and for my birthday David and I are going to go see Lion King on Tour!!!!! I'm so excited for this! It'll be my fourth musical this YEAR!!!!!! (wow, thats a lot! I hadn't even thought about it that way...) And its one of my favorite Disney movies of all time.
We were also supposed to go get pictures done with the amazing(!) Wendy this upcoming saturday, but because of the move I had to cancel/reschedule. Which is a real shame because David and I were going to do pictures of us battling with our (plastic) lightsabers... HOW COOL IS THAT!!! (and geeky.) Its still on the list of things that need to get done soon.

Then on the 26th of this month, one of my favorite bands She&Him come to perform at the Twilight Concert Series. I completely love their music and ITS FREE to go to. Which just makes it better.

I hope everyone is doing well. I'm going to try and update a little bit more often. Sorry I've been so bad at this.

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