Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Twilight Saga: Eclipse

Yesterday at about 4:00pm, the guy that sits next to me at work walked over and said that he had two free tickets to go see Eclipse (a special sneak peek last night). So I called up my aunt to see if she could bring my little cousin Shannon by my work so that Shannon and I could go. Lucky for me she did.
(and yes I do realize the date is wrong on this poster)

Now I'm not a HUGE twilight fan. Its pretty much mindless fluff that you only read because of the the boys considering that Bella is a completely blank character (in my opinion). Hate me if you want, but Bella is quite possibly the worst female character in the history of fiction. She just bothers me. But I digress. I wasn't about to turn down a free movie.

The movie theater itself wasn't even very full. We had almost a full row in front of us that hadn't been taken up. It was pretty cool. And all the people who won the tickets weren't super obsessive twi-hards that screamed at every appearance of Edward or Jacob. There was a little bit of screaming and cheering and clapping, but all in all it was a pretty calm crowd.

So here is my review on the movie:
The Twilight Saga: Eclipse`
Kristen Stewart was her normal dull self through out most of the film. Though it seemed she went through about 5 different wigs through out the movie, her performance greatly increased when she wasn't around Edward. I understand that Bella is supposed to be mesmerized by Edward, but Kristen seems to over play it in the movie. The lovey dovey looks between Edward and Bella are adorable I'll admit, but for the most part, I sort of just wanted to slap Edward the whole time.

Though thats also how I felt about Edward in the book. (I'm Team Jacob to the core) The kiss between Bella and Jacob (both times) was a little awkward. The first one didn't seem as agressive as its supposed to be in the book, they did a lot better with the second one. But it was still a little awkward. Taylor Lautner's performance, you gotta give the kid props for keeping his figure, was probably the best of all. (though that could be my Team Jacob head talking.) As much as I LOVE Rachelle LeFevre (Victoria in movies 1&2), Bryce Dallas Howard did an AMAZING job playing the villian.

There was a lot of humor in it. That I enjoyed. I'm glad they kept the humor of the third book, it was my second favorite (second to New Moon)

All in all I'd give the movie 3/5 stars.

In other (and in my opinion BETTER) movie news, the new HARRY POTTER trailer came out for the first part of the last book. I'm so excited for this I can't even explain.

yes I do realize that I watch too many movies and WAY too much tv. But oh well!

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