Monday, June 21, 2010

Diet: Week One

Not being satisfied with your weight is something I'm sure most people aren't a stranger to. Hence why David and I hadn't bought a scale until I decided to start a diet with one of my new best friends Julie.

The Diet is a high Protein, low carb diet. It cuts out a lot of food such as Breads, pasta, fruit, certain vegetables (ie. potatoes, carrots, beans, corn, tomatoes... you know the good ones...) and sweets. I start off the day taking some vitamins and do a protein shake for breakfast. At first I thought this was going to be hard. I normally have a heaping bowl of cereal, so I was pretty convinced that only having a 11oz shake was going to kill me. Surprisingly no. I actually really like it.

Lunch is a salad (on this diet you can have UNLIMITED lettuce, (though only minimal dressing), two cups of select vegetables, and another protein shake. What you have to understand is that I pretty much HATE veggies. Carrots I can normally stand but only in small amounts. I love Broccoli and Corn, and normally green beans. But I had to find some new veggies to try. First up on my list were Cucumbers. Truth be told I never really TRIED cucumbers. Mostly because my mom never really liked them and thus didn't have them in the house. So I bought a few thinking if nothing else I would just force myself to eat them. Turns out. I like Cucumbers. Quite a bit actually.

Dinner is the hardest. I normally don't cook dinner. I just have leftovers from lunch or don't eat anything at all (Healthy I know...). But on this diet, it says you need to eat 5oz. of meat or 7oz. of fish per day with two cups of veggies. Considering that I normally don't eat dinner that's enough.

The hard part about this diet is when I go eat at someone else's house. Of course they make wonderful potatoes and fruit or my work decides to go to The Olive Garden and I can't have pasta, OR the bread sticks (that happened my second day on the diet... ) But all in all everyone has been pretty supportive. And reading Meg Cabot's Heather Wells' Series (entitled: Size 12 is Not Fat, Size 14 is Not Fat Either, and Big Boned)helps.

My weight goal and the point of all this really is to be able to fit in my wedding dress again. I have been really wanting to do a Trash the Dress with Wendy, but I don't fit in my dress. So that's my goal.

Lastly, yesterday I weighed myself. Trying not to weigh myself daily is really hard. Over the first week, I lost ............... (insert drum roll here)

10 POUNDS!!!!!

Granted most of that was probably just water weight, and even in the program they say the first week is the most dramatic, after that its only 3-5 pounds a week, but still. I come into work and I'm already getting asked if I lost weight. Apparently they see it the most in my face so. Snaps for me!!!!!

I'm super excited about this. Just have to remind myself that for the rest of the time I'm doing this it won't be this dramatic. But I'm going to keep sticking with it.

Wish me luck!!!!!!


Wendy G. Atkins said...

the best shake is called premier protein. you can get it at costco. it has the most protein and least amount of sugars.. plus it's yummy! that's how i fit back into my wedding dress :) plus weight lifting of course. you can do it! so proud of you!

Anna & David said...

That's what my friend drinks, but I don't have a costco card ): so I found some decent ones at WalMart and have been using those!

I'm so excited to quite possibly fit in my dress again!!!!

Cara and Gerriss said...

Good luck on the diet! Great job on losing ten pounds already that's awesome!