Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Fashionably Undead

I'm not sure if anyone would really be interested in this. But I found it highly entertaining so I figured that I'd share it.

As many of you know. I adore! Meg Cabot's novels. All of them. Even if I've never heard of them before, you can guarantee that I'll be addicted to them. She recently released an Audio Book entitled "Fashionably Undead". Its one of the funniest books I've ever heard. Its about a girl named Carly who is a receptionist for a fashion agency who gets recruited to help fight off the evil running around in the city. What's the evil you ask? While most would assume that its vampires considering the crazy phenomenon, they would be wrong. The evil is, zombie fashion models. (Don't deny it, You've always wondered how they stay so skinny... its cause they're dead... well, undead) She's the 'Chosen One' with her killer spit of doom (thats right. Killer SPIT!) she sets off with the intriguing and hunky Jake to bring down the Queen of the Zombies... Coco Chanel.

The book itself is only an hour and a half long so if you feel like you have time to spare and can listen to a hilarious book (read by the fantastic Sarah Drew). Go here and download it (for FREE!!!!)

In Anna & David news, there hasn't been much going on. Our really good friends got married a few weeks ago, and seeing them so happy has made us want to put more of an effort into the time that we DO see eachother. We just go so used to not seeing eachother, that when we did it just kind of lonely still. So that has helped us a lot. But all in all, we're doing pretty good.

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