Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Confessions of a Television Nut`

Everyone knows that I watch a lot of tv. If you're a friend of me on facebook its pretty obvious. Its been commented that I watch 'too much' tv.

This is true. I know. I'm very aware that I watch too much tv for a sane person.

So to put my obsession/insanity into a slightly positive outlet I've decided to create a tv review blog. It won't really start until next week but I'll be posting at least once a week about all my tv shows that I love. Including (but not limited to) :

The Big Bang Theory` Sept. 23 | CBS
Bones` Sept. 23 | FOX
Castle` Sept. 20 | ABC
Chuck` Sept. 20 | NBC
Fringe` Sept. 23 | FOX
Glee` Sept. 21 | FOX
Grey's Anatomy` Sept. 23 | ABC
How I Met Your Mother` Sept. 20 | CBS
Private Practice` Sept. 23 | ABC
Sanctuary` Oct. 15 | SyFy
Smallville` Sept. 24 | CW
Stargate: Universe` Sept. 28 | SyFy

Its called The Weekly Enthusiast.

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